Merkabah Soundz was founded in December of 1999 by Father Frequency . Through the years, i  have had many artists and staff people to make the dream a reality. The concept started out as a record label to gather unsigned artists and give them a shot at making music and possibly becoming a star. Being that not everybody is used to that concept, the label idea went defunct. There were staff people who could not stay with me for the long haul and eventually went their own way. As any person who’s fully into making dreams a reality I, Father Frequency, could not let the dream die. I quickly gathered new troops to make music with, and bring you some new and hot flavor. Then we added a twist bringing clothing and digital media entertainment .We currently are looking for artists as well as models to post pictures as well as music that will be downloadable and for sale. The main goal of Merkabah Soundz is to bring you the hottest of unsigned talent for you to boom in your sound machines wherever you are and to give you the ladies to view too, as well as bring new designs for all of our hip hop gurus. With this said lend us an ear and eye and warp out!!!!   Peace and One, ashe!!!!!

Father Frequency

A.k.a. King Shango

Bio of Merkabah Soundz

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